Hey all. In August in my area there is usually a psychic convention that takes place. My birthday is in early August (I am very much a Leo) so I have in the past attended the convention as a gift to myself. The last time I went was 3 years ago in Aug 2019. Right before Covid. This is my first time going and I’m excited and optimistic. I make my way around the convention looking at crystals and trying to decide which psychic or reader I wanted to visit. One lady seemed busier than most so obviously this was who I wanted to see. So I signed up and waited a few hours before my time to see her. She goes by the name of Ask Laura. So ask Laura is exactly what I was going to do. Laura placed my drivers license between her palms as she needed something personal of mine to hold. The reading was very positive. She told me that my life was going to change drastically. For the better. I was going to have an abundance. An abundance of love, of money, of happiness…or whatever I wanted. I would be helping people. I would be traveling. I would become more spiritual. I would be moving and she even told me it would be to Asheville, North Carolina. I swear you guys, my stomach hit the floor and I thought, ” holy shit, I’m going to win the lottery.” I mean the actual Mega Millions. Its incredible how fast your mind can work when you’re thinking about how many ways you can spend money. Homes around the world. Permanent vacations. All of my hearts desires. And then she said something to me that almost made me fall over. I have never told anyone this. No one. Not a soul. But now I am going to share my most private thoughts. The one thing that I never talk about. My conversations with God.

When I meditate and I first close my eyes, I see my hand extended touching what looks like tall wheatgrass. I am walking and the tips of my fingers touch the grass as I move along a dirt path. The wheatgrass bends slightly and then springs back to it’s upright position. I make my way to an open field. The sun is shining down so brightly and I’m just happy. Over joyed like I just came to the end of some long tiresome journey. The sun feels so warm. I stretch my arms out and I start twirling. I’m so elated just spinning and knowing everything is okay. Everything is good. I am where I am supposed to be. And then I get that whoosh and my body starts to tingle and I am consciously breathing in and breathing out. I am gone into the peaceful darkness. The quiet. People refer to God with several different names. God, Allah, the Source…whatever you choose, I don’t feel like any is wrong. I myself, typically say God. So to me when a person is praying, this is their time to speak to God. Alternatively, when a person is meditating, this is their time to listen to God. I don’t know about anyone else, but I would rather listen to “someone” who knows how the universe works rather than blabbering on about myself. And I like the quiet. The silence. The listening. That wheatgrass is my time of listening. These are my conversations that no one else has privilege to. That no one else knows. Until Laura.

Laura tells me that she see’s me with my arms outstretched in a field around. Spinning. A field with flowers and the sun is shinning down on me. My mouth is suddenly dry. I feel like all the blood has just left my body. What the? How did she know that? There is no way she could know that. She tells me that all of this would start to happen in two and a half years and that I should watch for signs. She feels that I am intuitive and should make my own oracle cards. I have no clue what an oracle card is. So I thank her and I pay her and I’m on my way walking through this convention. I’m still reeling because I’m winning the lottery after all and Laura saw me in the field. There is this man at a table willing to read Akashic records. So I sit down and he starts to tell me a lot of what Laura just did. And so then I’m thinking, “well they must tell everyone the same thing. They got me. I was believing it”. Mr Akashic Records then says to me….no joke guys. this really is no joke….he says, “I see you with your arms out. Kind of like in the Sound of Music when Julie Andrews is singing and turning around. The mountain is in the background.” I’m dead. I think my heart stopped. What kind of sorcery is this. How are they doing this because this has to be some kind of trick. I’m still trying to figure out the way they did all of it.

That was 3 years ago. I haven’t won the lottery. I still live in Ohio. I work 7 days a week. I hate my job to the point that I hold back tears when I wake up and realize that I have go there again. Today. Again today. But the money. The money is so good, guys. Yet, I refuse to believe though that this is my lottery winning life. There is no happiness. There is exhaustion. Body pain. Desperation. Defeat. A lot of money. Working 7 days a week. Nope. No happiness. I kick myself in the ass because I must have somehow missed those signs Laura told me to look for. Late at night I watch YouTube videos and come across a lady reading tarot cards for a missing little blonde haired boy. She’s pulling out tarot decks, criminal decks, ancestor decks and slapping cards down on the table with a smack. “We need more clarification. These are my oracle cards. You can’t buy these, they were specially made just for me.” Oh, that’s what an oracle card is. But wait, I have tarot cards somewhere. I got them like 15 years ago and couldn’t figure them out. Where are those things? I spend weeks continuously watching these different YouTube readers and I’m impressed and intrigued with how fast they can just look at this card and then tell you what it all means. There’s one reader that I am constantly drawn to. I like the sound of her voice. She’s direct but not dramatic. I subscribe to her channel. And oh look! You can go to her website and get a reading. And it’s almost my birthday so I should get myself a gift. And payment sent via PayPal. And a week later there in my inbox it is. My video. My Life Purpose Reading for 2022. And wouldn’t you have it. The first card she pulls out. Look it. Look at this card.

I know this isn’t the Rider Waite deck because I am familiar with that deck. But all I saw was the image on the card. The outstretched arms with the sun shining. I am a sucker once again. The YouTuber tells me about my amazing life that will happen possibly this autumn. The same life that Laura and Mr Akashic Records had told me. She tells me that I am intuitive and that I need to do a cleansing bath to rid myself of energy that no longer serves me. I google this. Sounds easy enough. I take her advice. I go to Walmart and get some pink Himalayan bath salts, a dry body brush, a scented candle and some body oil. I love baths. I could sit for hours in a tub. I feel so nice after. No achy muscles. Just relaxed and revived. I order a beginner tarot deck from Etsy and a few books from a used book store site. I am on my way. I want to slap those cards down on a table and be able to tell a wide eyed girl that she will marry the man of her dreams. That she will have all her hearts desires. I want to tell her that her life is amazing and beautiful. That she is amazing and beautiful. I want to give her hope.

In the meantime though, the little blonde haired boy is still missing. And I am still reaching out my extended hand to touch the wheatgrass.

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