If I have not made it known, I am a beginner at reading tarot cards. But I managed to read cards for a young man today. Young as in under the age of 22. I don’t think it went too bad. But my concern is, did it not go too bad because I know this guy and maybe knew enough to have things make sense? Then I wonder if and when I read for a stranger, will I completely flop? These are these are the questions that will never keep me up at night.

I decided to assign my young male client a number so that I wouldn’t use his name do to his privacy. We shall call him M1001. M because he is a male, and 1001 because its just a number I made up. Years ago I was told when I number things to never start with 1. Always make your number higher because it give you credibility. So now it looks like I’ve 1001 readings under my belt, thus making me appear to be a confident and established reader. Until I reach for my book and say “Hold on. Gotta look this up”.

I have this outrageously large tarot deck that I had purchased probably 20 years ago. They are a lover’s major arcana deck that I tried my luck with and just didn’t quite stick with it. I had gotten the cards when I was single and with these being a “lover’s tarot” I had assumed it would tell me who and when my soul mate would arrive. When I didn’t quite understand the cards or how tarot worked, I gave up and they have been on a book shelf since. I actually think the cards told me that I needed to love myself before someone else would love me. And lets get real, I am no exception to not wanting to know that the problem was me not the rest of the world. That though is for another blog. These cards are very pretty though and I wanted to incorporate them into my readings, just for some visual effects if nothing else. I pulled out this large ass deck and slapped the first card down and there was the High Priestess in reverse. She is setting the mood for the rest of the reading.

I get out my Rider Waite deck that I had ordered from Etsy. This deck has key words printed on the card both in upright and reversed and this might be my only saving grace. I drew 15 cards. Then 1 more, just for good measure. This might be over kill. Here’s what I drew; 5 of wands, The Lover’s, 9 of pentacles, queen of swords- r, king of swords, The Chariot, 7 of wands- r, king of cups, 10 of swords, 9 of cups, knight of wands, The Hermit- r, queen of pentacles, 9 of wands, 5 of pentacles- r, 2 of swords and finally the knight of wands.

After drawing all these cards, I decided to group them together to come up with a flow. A story? A way to make it all make sense? I watch the YouTube. I see how you’re all doing it.

I did grab the book. Even though there are key words on these cards, I still needed the book. I’m glad I went for the book. I looked up the High Priestess in reverse and a card combo meaning came out with the nine of wands, “Feeling as though people are gossiping behind your back or not telling the truth”. Is that what is covering my High Priestess? The next 5 cards that I grouped together are really negative cards. Its sad to me because I see them as depression, anxiety and inner turmoil. The king and queen of swords-r , I am assuming are the parents. The third grouping I feel like should also have the knight of wands with the queen of pentacles. I feel like these two are going to be some sort of guidance. The helpers of sort, to get my M1001 to a place of happiness where we are at in group 4. Where he will have a better outlook on life. And finally to group 5 where he is in love with…with wait…with the knight of cups. The knight of cups, the romantic, suave, charming man of the tarot.

That is where it kind of hit me. And maybe I am right and maybe I am wrong. I have no problems being wrong. I also have no problems with people of any lifestyle being happy. Everyone deserves happiness. Everyone.

Did I have my suspicions on M1001 having a possible interest in an alternative lifestyle prior to the reading? Yes, I did. So that does make me question, had I not known him, would I have read the cards the same? I don’t know? I feel like, since he has not come out, that he does have these issues or turmoil inside of him. I am straight, so I can only imagine what is like for anyone to not be living their life as their true self. How damn heart breaking can that be. I move on the the parental group and can see that dad can handle this better than mom can. I am getting the feeling like mom is just worried about what the neighbors will say. Hey mom, who gives a shit what the neighbors say! But here comes my queen of pentacles and my knight of wands to help. And help they will because my M1001 is heading for a happy and loving life. One, with what I can hope for, is with lots of hot romance. Who doesn’t like the sound of that. Male or female.

To sum up my reading for M1001, you are an amazing young man with a very great future. If and when you choose to come out to your family, you may have some conflict with mom. But just know, that your parents love you. This will not last forever. You have other people pulling for you and cheering you on. After all of this temporary conflict, you will have the beginning of a happy life. You will meet a charming sexy man who is going to rock your world. Be true to yourself. Love yourself now and others will love you too.

Peace out my friends.

*For Entertainment Purposes Only

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