Hey all! When I decided for a second time that I wanted to learn how to read tarot cards again it was because of the YouTube videos I would look for late at night when I got home from work. I love watching true crime documentaries and listening to true crime podcasts. That’s what drew me to the tarot readings. I am an artist who paints portraits. I am self taught so I do not have the credentials that the gallery artists do. At one point in my life I wanted to become a forensics artist and help find missing people or help catch the fugitive. I became a single mom instead. I put anything that I ever wanted on a back burner to do what I could to raise two boys on my own. Thinking that later on I would have time to pursue my own dreams. We were living in small town America in a 3 bedroom trailer. I was working at a factory making picture tube T.V.’s. We were the Three Musketeer’s. Those were the happiest days of my life. But those days are for a different blog. Kyron was only 7 when he went missing from school. I can remember when he disappeared. This adorable little boy with the missing front teeth and wire rimmed glasses. That contagious smile of his and then his mom’s promise that she would never stop looking. And this scared me. Who the hell could just walk into a school and take someone’s child. But now we know that might not have actually happened. So what did happen? I myself have never forgotten about Kyron and have so many times throughout the past 12 years checked in to see if there were any updates. So here I am now, like so many other’s, putting my two cents in on what I feel happened to little Kyron Horman. I do want to say though that there are things that I do not like about posting online. One is people verbally attacking each other for having a different opinion on what they feel occurred. If you disagree with me, that’s fine. But don’t attack me. Go write your own blog. And two, I do not like the bullying of certain individuals involved with the case who have not been arrested or even been made an official suspect. Therefore, I will not say any certain individuals name. I may refer to them as a parental figure or maybe an accomplice, but this online bullying stuff is just scary. The things I see in comments are just flat out terrifying to read. So stop doing this. If you truly want to help Kyron and his family, then take a day or a weekend and go search for him. If you can’t search, then donate to the Kyron Horman Foundation. This will help out more than threatening other people.

So moving forward, things would probably have been easier for me if I had a camera and made a video to post. I do not feel that I am remotely ready for that. I am still spending a lot of time looking at the cards, studying them, reaching for my book. Then its taking photos, placing cards, explaining why I got what I got out of the cards. But eventually I will have the confidence to do a video blog. Or vlog. Whatever it’s called. I am a very visual person though so I did take quite a few photos. Also, I used a few different decks that also included oracle cards. I will post at the end of this blog what cards I used if you are interested. This will become a 3 part blog because I already know that I want to do a reading on an accomplice and also one on a parental figure that I saw. So here we go.

These are the first of the cards that I drew. The Magician reversed is what represents Kyron. I did check my book for this card because I wanted a more in depth meaning. The Magician reversed is “a warning for you about someone who pretends to have your best interest but there may be an intention to manipulate. Its card of trickery. A con artist to watch out for”.

I used 4 decks for this reading. I’m not going to put photos up of each time I drew cards from the different decks or this blog would be forever. Instead, I will just group the cards together and try to explain from there. Like I said earlier though, I will list the names of the decks at the end of the blog.

These cards are what represent Kyron. The Magician reversed I have already discussed. 0 The Fool is Kyron just living his life. Doing what kids do. Walking along without a care in the world. It can also represent innocence. The III and VIII of Pentacles are all about learning and education. The card above them is a School oracle card. These three cards represent Kyron when he went missing. He went to school for his science fair and didn’t show up for his class. He literally went missing from the school. The Conch Shell represents homecoming and afterlife. So with this card I do feel like little Kyron has passed on.

So a lot of cards for this individual. This would be a Parental Figure, the card is right there. A female, see the Queen of Swords to the upper right? A lot of emotional junk surrounding this person. Drama, Jealousy, a False Person (meaning a liar, someone wearing a mask, being fake), the War card (to me this just means fighting, arguing, a lot going on at home). The far left top is the IV of Wands reverse showing a lot of at home drama, stress, lack of support. Under that, the V of Swords is the same, arguments, violence, stress. Just really an unhappy person in an unhappy home. We have the Copperhead snake which is deception and bad influence. And isn’t it a coincidence that one of the parental figures had red coppery colored hair at the time? The Hell Hound representing cruelty and fear tactics. I don’t feel like the fear tactics were just used on Kyron alone. I feel like this is her way of getting people to do what she wants. I feel like people who know her on a personal level are afraid of her. I feel like she uses sex, manipulation or fear to get what she wants. The last two cards on the bottom left are celebration cards. The IX of Cups with all the cups around her. A time to drink and celebrate. The Party oracle card. Happiness and celebration. I feel like this was her mood after Kyron was gone. A happy party mood. I don’t think it lasted for too long once people became suspicious. Once things didn’t add up. The party was over then and it has been a defense mode from there since.
Here’s the accomplice sneaking in like a rat. Actually an Opossum. The Opossum stands for diversity and plurality. But to me the Opossum is a trickster. Opossum’s can play dead until danger has passed and then sneak off when it’s all clear. Opossum’s do a lot of cleanup at night too. They get rid of stuff you don’t want around. Garbage, bugs, other animals, all the junk. The Opossum in this card reminds me of the rat Templeton in the cartoon movie of Charlotte’s Web. Remember when the county fair closed for the evening and with the moon high, Templeton would run rampant scavenging everything he could get his sticky little paws on? This is our person here. This is a person who is lying low and only coming out during the cover of night. This is someone who is sneaky and I feel has already had some run in’s with LE. This is not a professional hired hand to take care of things. This is just someone she knew. I feel like this was a person who was just being used by the female parental figure to come in an do the clean up. See the Knight of Swords? This was a male. Next card is a VI of Swords. That’s a card of movement. The boat on the water traveling away. Notice the water too though. That could also be a location, near water. Underneath that is the VII of Swords. See how the sneaky guy has his arms full and he’s tip-toeing away. That’s the Opossum carrying something off. Look in the back ground of that card too. See the mountains? That’s a possible location also. Back to the top, there’s the Clean Up card. That’s all he was there to do. I feel that whatever happened to Kyron was already done at this point. Before this Opossum showed up. This person was only there to move him. And I hate saying the word dispose but I feel like that’s all he did. He disposed of him. Intergalactic Travel. I mean come on. No, I don’t think he was taken by aliens. But I feel like this is just another travel card. Showing movement that he was taken somewhere. This card could also be a location card. What appears to be a mountain and dry like a desert area. I don’t know what Oregon is like. I’ve never been there. But I don’t think there’s a desert in Oregon? So maybe the desert means taken out of state? The last card, Trafficking. I feel like this is just another movement card. Like I said, I feel like Kyron was already in a different place spiritually by this time.
That Couple card right in the middle. These two had some sort of relationship going on. Maybe this was just a sexual relationship. As in, she was using sex to get him to do what she wanted. Manipulating him. But I feel like this was more than “just friends”. She was using him. This wasn’t a love relationship. She was just getting what she wanted. Maybe this started out with her just getting attention from this guy. Maybe he was making her feel the way that her husband did when they were happier. I don’t know. But everything about this was because she getting something out of it. An ego boost, sex, a cover up. It was about her and her wants. This parental figure really comes across as very narcissistic.
So this is back to the female Parental Figure. These would represent her now. More in the present time. In the photo prior we had a Party card and the IX of Cups. Now we have XXI The World in reverse. Upside down. That’s exactly what happened. Her world was turned upside down. I don’t feel like she thought it was going to turn out this way. I really think that she thought everything was going to turn out as planned and in her favor. She would be the grieving mother and the shoulder for her husband. Their grief would bring them together. People would feel sorry for her. She could fix her marriage and everyone would love her if she could just get rid of this kid. A Celebrity card has been added. This doesn’t mean that there is a celebrity around her or with her. This is her. She isn’t a typical Hollywood celebrity enjoying her life on vacation or shopping on Rodeo Drive. This is unwanted fame. This just means that everyone knows who she is and not for good reason. She’s been on T.V. a lot. Talked about in newspapers, magazines. Documentaries. Everyone knows who she is. I don’t feel like she was expecting all the exposure that Kyron’s case had brought to her. And I don’t think that she is enjoying her fame. I feel like she has regrets, but only because it put her in a bad light. Because people do feel like she is guilty. The V of Pentacles is showing her loss. Her loss of money, home and family. All of the hard times that she is experiencing. These are all the things that was trying to avoid, that she eventually had brought on to herself.

This next group of cards is all positive. That Wheel of Fortune is nothing but good news coming. Once that Wheel starts turning, its all good luck from there. That top row is money, money, money. I feel like there is an older person, the Grandparent card, who has a large sum of money and is going to help with Kyron’s case. Grandparent doesn’t necessarily mean someone’s Mee-maw and Pap-paw. It just represents an older mature person. Could possibly be a senior citizen. Just someone of an older age, who is going to donate money, or maybe hire someone to investigate or something. Maybe its a very large reward. It has to do with money though. And a lot of it that will get that Wheel of Fortune moving. Right after that is the Witness and the Abandoned Plantation. So maybe with the money donation, it will bring some attention to Kyron’s case and someone comes forward. A Witness who starts Dismantling the lies and tells all the Ugly Truths that the Abandoned Plantation represents. Someone knows something. Someone other than the Parental Figure and the Opossum sneak. Someone either heard something or saw something, but someone is going to come forward with some information and I really do feel like this case will be solved. The next four cards grouped together is all about Intuition. The High Priestess, Intuition, The Crystal Grotto, and the Pinecone. All psychic and intuitive cards. Like I said, someone knows something. There is something that will definitely happen here. But also look at the Grotto card. This could be a location card too. A Grotto is a type of cave. The Pinecone card could be in a wooded area also. If you look at possible location cards, we have water or near water, a mountain, dry desert like area, a Grotto or cave and a wooded pinecone area. Looks like I’ve covered everything with all of that.
These next cards do tell me that there will be an ending to the case. The Sassafras is a healing card and the Psalm Book is rejoicing. This case has gone on for 12 years. It’s really time for little Kyron to come home and I really hope it is soon. His parents need some closure and there needs to be justice for everyone especially Kyron.

So I have one more photo and I debated on putting it on here but I drew the damn card so I will share it.

This card is pretty much self explanatory. I can’t say which one for sure I feel would come to this demise. I do feel like when the Wheel starts to turn and the Witness comes forward, someone’s shame and guilt will over take them.

So I hope you guys enjoyed my reading of Kyron. I am going to do a part 2 and possibly a part 3. I’m really just curious of finding out more about this accomplice. Maybe a little bit more information will come out. If anyone see’s anything different in the cards than what I did, then please leave a comment. Let me know what your feelings are and how you are reading the cards. For now though, have a great week.

Peace Love Happiness

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Cards used for this reading were:

  • Tarot cards with keywords and phrases by SpelledOutTarot
  • True Crime Oracle & Conspiracy Deck by AWSpiritApothecary
  • The Southern Gothic Oracle Deck with Haunts Expansion Pack By LaPanthereStudio
  • The Lovers Tarot by Jane Lyle

To donate to The Kyron Horman Foundation please visit: https://www.thekhf.org/

Age progressed photo of Kyron Horman

*For Entertainment Purposes Only

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