I am back with part 2 of the Kyron Horman case. This is a reading for the accomplice that had appeared in the part 1 reading of Kyron. I do know that the female parental figure had a best friend who some people feel is the accomplice. I don’t feel this way. I still believe that this person is a male. I believe that they had some sort of a relationship. I feel like she manipulated him somehow to get him to do what she wanted. I feel like she just used him to do her “dirty work”. So again I used 4 different decks for the reading that I will mention below if you are interested. A lot of the cards I pulled for this reading were the same as the prior reading. Which must be a good coincidence because have I used these cards since after the first reading. So once again, instead of showing each card from each deck, I grouped the cards together to make the blog shorter. I do realize that some may disagree with my reading and that’s fine. I can handle constructive criticism. But do not attack me. I will not tolerate that…So with that lets dig in to this reading.

So the first card that I had pulled was VII The Chariot in reverse. I like to pull a card from this oversized major arcana deck because it is just THE card that represents the person that the reading is about. To me, it just sums up for me the whole understanding of who this person is. The Chariot is a card of movement. It would represent a car or a boat. Or some type of transportation. This would be the person who moved Kyron. He took Kyron to where Kyron is now. He is the one who the parental figure had to help. In reverse though, VII The Chariot suggests that his person has very little control over their life. They have lost the steering wheel. They are collapsing under pressure and loosing control. This is a person who has had to deal with other people’s issues and at this point is just directionless.

Along with VII The Chariot, we have the King of Swords- r which is illogical, irrational, manipulation. The frame of mind that this person was in. To the right we have again The Opossum. I had this same card with the part 1 reading. This to me is the sneaky clean up person. Just like an opossum does, he comes in and takes care of the unwanted stuff. He removed what was no longer needed. Below that is the Clean Up. This is another card from part 1. This is also exactly what this person did. He was The Chariot who moved Kyron and did the Clean Up for the parental figure. The irrational King of Swords. The Opossum.

This group of cards represent the female parental figure. The Parental Figure card is once again there. Above that is the Queen of Cups. The Queen of Cups represents a mother figure and although the Queen is a loving caring person, the card does still represent a mother. But look what is around her. It’s water. This could also be a location card, but I will get to that in a little bit. Above the Queen is Distraction. This is what she tried to do after Kyron went missing with the lies. She tried to cause a Distraction by creating a cover up, by acting like Kyron was kidnapped and had no clue where he was, by pretending she was concerned and worried and had no idea what had happened. However, I do feel like this person is completely responsible for Kyron’s disappearance. Move over to your top right and look at the next two cards. They look almost exactly the same. The VII of Wands and the War card both are fighting cards. Fighting, defending and challenging. Under that the Drama card. The Drama card pretty much sums up this female parental figure. Drama, War and causing Distractions.

These are Kyron’s cards. The Conch Shell represented him in his part 1 reading also. I really believe that Kyron has passed on. I really don’t want to spend a lot of time on these cards because I think that they are very self explanatory. The Page of Cups is a water card. If you notice in the card, the Page is surrounded by water. This to me, means that Kyron is in or near water. I feel he’s just near water though. With the Conch Shell and all the water cards, I would be surprised if he wasn’t near water. The Burial card shows mountains in the back ground. You just can not get anymore of a clear reading than you do with these cards.

Now we have The Opossum and the Queen of Cups together. Right down the middle. At the top is Organized Crime. This, to me, just means that they organized A crime. The Parental Figure organized the death and the Opossum organized the Clean Up. The Couple card shows the two together as well as VI The Lovers-r card. These show them together whether it is a romantic couple or just as two people such as friends. I do believe that they were romantic. Or possibly, the female was just using him to get what she wanted from him. But I feel like it was a sexual relationship. To the left of the photo on the accomplice’s side, The Dog was added to the bottom left beside of the Lovers. The Dog represents loyalty. This male accomplice is completely loyal to her by still hiding her secrets. Then and now. Look at The Dog card though. Notice the trees and wooded area. We will get to that in a bit also.

This is our accomplice as of now. To the left we still have Clean Up, the King, The Opossum and The Chariot. Lets move to the right of these where we will start with the V of Cups. This is someone who has regret, resentment and is holding on to the past. See how he is covering his heading and looking down in shame. Under is the IV of Pentacles. This is another card of holding on and difficulty letting go. The IV of Pentacles can also represent a white collar crime. So maybe this person is a white collar worker? Beneath that is the II of Wands. Fear of change, missed chances. All three of these cards are regret cards. This is someone who is looking back at the past. This accomplice does have a lot of emotions and feelings of wishing maybe they didn’t do what they did. Wanting to go back to the past and possibly change their choices. Look at the II of Wands. Water and mountains in the background while the man looks out over to the water. This is possibly another location card. Move over to the far right. We have The Alligator that represents silence and solitude. Perhaps this person is a single male. Anti social? Someone who keeps to himself? Regardless, he is still being silent. Under The Alligator is the loyal Dog still holding those secrets. Dogs do sometimes turn on their masters, so maybe this will be the case with this loyal canine also.

I had similar cards to these during the last reading. These are very positive cards. I see these cards as someone financially affluent who is going to help out this case. The Grandparent card represents an older more mature adult. There are two pentacles cards that are representing wealth and generosity. The IX of Pentacles was drawn in the reversed position initially, however I do feel like it belongs in this spot. We also have the Black Eyed Peas that represent wealth and prosperity. I really believe that this person is going to be the one who starts things moving with this case. Whether its a donation of money to the reward or its hiring someone to investigate. It all has to do with money and the generosity of this person. This is when the start of solving this case begins. This is actually the beginning of finding Kyron Horman.

There are two moon cards in this grouping. The first is XVIII The Moon-r. The moon usually represents secrets. However, in reverse, the moon is the truth. Uncovering of secrets. The Blue Moon is second chances and magic. These are the second chances that are needed to solve this case. The monetary donation is the second chance. The Instrument is a talking card. Self expression and speaking truth. I said before that I feel like someone knows something about this case. They will come forward. Maybe there will be a large reward and this is when this person will come forward to claim the reward? Would it matter? I don’t think so if that is what it takes bring Kyron home. The V of Wands is usually a fight card. Chaos and negativity. Reversed though its the end of conflict, agreements, cooperation. So maybe the loyal Dog will be the one to speak after all and tell the secrets that he has held for so many years.

Again, we have these psychic intuitive cards. The Grove, divinity and awe. This card suggests to tap into your connection to the divine and make your own solemn vow to the earth. II The High Priestess is intuition, enlightenment and spirituality. The Crystal Grotto is inviting you to connect with the mysteries of the cosmos. And finally the Intuition card. I’m not really sure why there are so many intuitive cards in these two readings. The only thing that I could guess, is that someone knows something or possibly feels like they know where Kyron is. If this is correct, then they just need to follow that intuition. Listen to that inner voice. Let it guide you and see where it takes you.

These are the cards that is telling me that this case will be solved. Along with VIII Strength comes perseverance. Strength is giving courage, confidence and willpower to get this case solved. The Mojo Bag is justice and karma. Somebody’s day is coming. There will be justice for Kyron. The King of Wands is authority. These are really positive cards.

So I pulled the Suicide card in the first reading and wasn’t sure who it was for. Since this reading is the accomplice reading, I feel the card would be for him. I believe that once things start to break open, the shame and guilt will just be too much for this person. I believe that the female parental figure is too much of a narcissist and would never take her own life. I believe that she will deny, even when proof is shown, that she had anything to do with Kyron’s death. I believe that in her mind, she will still think that she is fooling people with her lies. I believe that she thinks she is smarter than most people and that she can and will still be able to manipulate to get her way.

So lets take a look at all of these cards. All of these could be location cards. We have the Page of Cups surrounded by water. Lets move clockwise to The Dog sitting in a wooded area. Lets move down to The Crystal Grotto which is a type of cave. Around to the Queen of Cups who has her foot right near water. Back up to The Grove which is another wooded area. Up to The Alligator who is in swampy water. And right in the center of it all is The Conch Shell. I don’t know, it just seems like way too many water cards, wooded area cards and a few mountain view cards. I do know that a lot of the time if there is an area of caves its usually located in a state park. At least that is how it is where I am at. So maybe a state park would be a good place to look?

This is probably the best cards to see. This is Kyron being brought home.

I have no clue what these mean. Absolutely nothing. So I am just going to leave them here until something maybe comes to me at another time? I did pull the IV of Pentacles which could mean a white collar crime. Maybe the accomplice is a Democrat working for some Governmental job? Maybe a state or county level even? I don’t think Bill Clinton has anything to do with Kyron’s case. And I really don’t understand why political affiliation would be important to a missing child case. However, it must mean something significant if it came forward. I mean, maybe the Grandparent is a Democrat who worked for the Government and is donating the funds? Like maybe worked for the democratic party? I just have no clue what these cards are because to me they don’t feel like they fit. Motel/ Hotel could be a location card? Maybe a Motel/ Hotel nearby? It looks dry and desert in the background. I did have a card in part 1 that also had a desert background, but then I felt that card was a travel card more than a location card. It just seems odd to me because I had so many cards that were by the water and in a wooded area that a desert doesn’t make any sense to me right now. But these cards could always mean something later. I do believe that sometimes you get a card that doesn’t make sense at that time to you. Someone else who is closer to the case could see it and say, “that makes perfect sense”. So rather than me just putting them in somewhere I would like to just set them to the side right now until I get more of a gut feeling about them.

I hope you all enjoyed my second reading in the Kyron Horman case. I will be posting a third reading on the female parental figure also. If you have any remarks or advice, please leave the comments below. If you enjoyed this, then please like and share too. For now, stay safe, have a great week and I hope you come back to read part 3.

Peace Love Happiness

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Cards used for this reading were:

  • Tarot cards with keywords and phrases by SpelledOutTarot
  • True Crime Oracle & Conspiracy Deck by AWSpiritApothecary
  • The Southern Gothic Oracle Deck with Haunts Expansion Pack By LaPanthereStudio
  • The Lovers Tarot by Jane Lyle

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Age progressed photo of Kyron Horman

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