Kyron Horman Reading part 3: The Parental Figure

Here we are with part 3 of the Kyron Horman case. This reading will be on the female parental figure who is an official suspect according to public opinion. She is also the last one to see Kyron as she waved goodbye to him from the hallway of the school. So there is a report that she was seen in the parking lot with Kyron leaving the school the day he went missing. She has failed 2 polygraph exams and walked out on the 3rd. Has unaccounted time for the day. Has appeared on Dr Phil. Has tried to legally change her name. Has been arrested since. I don’t know, you guys. I don’t like saying someone is guilty but there just seems a lot going against her. So once again, feel free to disagree with me. Don’t attack me if you do. You may do your own reading if you choose. With that, let’s dig in to part 3.

Okay from the extra large deck I got the IV The Emperor. The Emperor usually represents a male. Alternately, The Empress would be the feminine. So by drawing the Emperor this is telling me that this is someone with a very strong personality. The boss you could say. The Emperor is about control and authority. This would be the paternal figure that disciplines, creates rules and gives structure.
So with The Emperor we have IV The Emperor in reverse. This is saying to me that this person abused their power. Domineering, a control freak. Manipulating friends, abused authoritative power. This can also mean an imbalance in her marriage. Maybe she felt powerless to her husband and used control on other people. Lets start at the top left and work down that row. So we have the The Sun in reverse. The Sun-r is ego. Self sabotage, someone who is having a hard time seeing the bright side of life. Under that is The Peacock. This represents vanity and pride, someone who is proud of their physical appearance. Just like a peacock would be. Showing their feathers. And under The Peacock is The Vampire of Richmond. Which again is ego and narcissism. I think I said in the previous readings that this person was a narcissist. These 3 cards are just confirming that for me. So much ego in this person. Back to the top we have The Caregiver which goes in hand with The Parental Figure card from previous readings too. Beside that is the Serial Killer. I do not know if this person has killed before. So the Serial Killer card could just mean that someone has these tendencies. It could mean that they have thought of killing, maybe even planned a killing but not necessarily went through with it. However, she very well may have done this before. These cards are why I feel like she was the one who harmed Kyron. She was the one who planned and then executed the plan. The accomplice, as I have said this entire time, was the clean up guy. The next two cards are the III of Pentacles and IX of Wands. These cards are similar in showing that this was her life at the time. Stressed, overwhelmed, bullheaded. She was wanting a change. Life was becoming too hard for her or in her marriage. Under the IX of Wands is The Hell Hound. The Hell Hound is cruelty and fear tactics. This is her personality. She was a bully. She used these tactics to get her way. These are all classic narcissistic behaviors. And isn’t it strange that for her we get The Hell Hound and for her accomplice we had gotten a Labrador with loyalty. That in its self should show how she uses people. Finally is the Conjured Spirit, summoning drama and negativity. And isn’t that everything that she had accomplished?

This next group of cards is Kyron. I want you to look at these cards before we even get to the explanations. Do you notice anything? Other than The Salamander, every single card has cups in them. There are way WAY too many cups cards for this not to mean something. Even the Temperance card, which is a major arcana card, is holding two cups. When there are this many cups in a true crime reading, this is indicative of someone drinking a lot of…something. Okay, let’s just get to the point. It looks like the parental figure was giving him something. And a lot of it. Something in a drink, having him drink. Drink, drink, drink. I mean, he’s the Page here holding a drink. The next card beside it is her handing him the drink. Here, drink this, Kyron. The Ace of Cups is running over with drink. All the way across to the left is a celebration of drinks. Cheers! Have another drink. And the Temperance card at the bottom. See the angel wings? This is what ultimately killed Kyron. She gave him something, you guys. She had him drink something. In the middle of all this is The Salamander. Standing for infinity and reinvention. The background of this card has red and gold leaves with bare sticks. I believe he will be found in the fall or autumn. Maybe not this year. But most likely sooner rather than later.

Once again, the accomplice. The VII of Swords being sneaky. He’s taking off with the goods. His name should be Sneaky Pete. The VII of Swords mean deception, lies, theft and of course, sneaking. Under Sneaky Pete is the Cover Up card. Covering up lies and his deception. Covering Up his part in Kyron ‘s disappearance. Once again we have this Trafficking card. Now I said before that I believe that this just means movement and that Sneaky Pete just moved Kyron to where he is. I still believe that this is all it was. I truly believe that Kyron passed the day he went missing because of all the drinks. Maybe, and I don’t know, but maybe the intention was initially some kind of Trafficking. But I honestly do not think he got that far. We also have the Knight of Wands-r representing fear, restlessness and anger.
Here is our couple coming together. The left is our female Hell Hound, also known a bitch, just saying, a female dog is a bitch and to the right is Sneaky Pete. Right down the middle is where we start with Dating and Love. Making them probably one of the most dangerous couples you would never meet. Only, she just tells him what to do and he does it. Cause she calls the shots and he just feels lucky she even speaks to him. Just saying. And then there is the Blackmail card right under all that love crap. She has something on him. That’s how she made him do it. She Blackmailed him to do her dirty deed. Maybe he’s married and they were having an affair? Maybe she was going to tell his secret and then she pulled him into hers? Maybe he is a white collar worker who did some white collar crime shit and she knows about it? I don’t know, but I believe she has something on him. Moving on we have The Crossroads. This is where the decisions were made. Wondering which road to take and where we would end up. Decision making. What choices they felt they had. And lastly is Crime Of Passion. I don’t know if I believe that this was a crime of passion or if it was premeditated. I don’t know if it necessarily matters either way? I mean, maybe in a court of law the term might matter? But, I guess to me, the main point is that a little boy is missing and she could be the reason why.
So here is our female parental figure in her current state. The left side is all her card representations so far. The right is the now. So we can see that she has some regret with the VI of Cups. She’s looking back to the past and wishing maybe she didn’t make some unwise choices. No and Fired are current problems she has with employment and basically everything else in her life. I mean, let’s face it. She made some bad decisions. And even without going to prison, she is still being punished in the court of public opinion.
Just like the Cups cards, we have an unusual amount of Page cards. Pages usually represent children or a younger adult. So I can look at these in two ways. First, we have Kyron as the Page of Cups with his drink. That would be Kyron at the time of his disappearance. Like I said earlier, drink, drink, drink. Next, as the years move on, we have Kyron as the Page of Swords. This means, waiting for the case to move forward, a delay. Patience. Waiting for the break through. Then finally that inspiration comes with Kyron as the Page of Wands. Good news, excitement, freedom. So by looking at the 12 years of this case there will finally be an ending. Secondly, when 3 Page cards show in a reading it usually means trouble for the person getting the reading. 3 Pages are people who are stirring up trouble for you. Getting in your business, meddling. That could be what is coming forward then. Like her being investigated. The police, the FBI, you see what I’m saying.

So with that, I put the Page of Swords with The Racoon. Then Racoon stands for curiosity and perseverance. So this could mean that someone decides to look into the case closer. Maybe sort of investigator with LE or the FBI. Things start moving along then. The Page of Wands then is doing just that. Moving the case along. Finding information. Discovering things. We have the Nest Of Wasps, just like busy bees, it takes team work to get things done. Communication is still everyone working together. Getting the case moving. And the V of Wands is the same, cooperation, agreements.
Again with these cards. I really hope that I am correct with this. I’ve had the same or similar cards in all 3 readings. This is the Affluent person who will donate the funds to the case to get it solved. Cornbread is humility and generosity. Roots is influence and support. And the King of Pentacles is the man with the money. I’ve said in all readings that someone will donate some kind of finances to the case that helps get things solved. Either to help hire someone to investigate or just a large monetary donation that people will take notice of. Hopefully this is soon.

The last of our cards. The Intuition card is one that I drew in all 3 readings. If someone knows something, heard something, seen something then following that gut instinct. Go with your Intuition and see where it leads. The smallest little detail could be all it takes to bring Kyron home. The very last card is Outer Space. I have no clue where this goes. So I will leave it here until maybe it will make sense one day?

I hope you enjoyed my 3 part reading of the Kyron Horman disappearance. Hopefully soon Kyron will be found and brought home to be reunited with his family. Don’t forget that you can always donate to Kyron’s foundation to help other missing children find their way home.

Until next time, Peace Love Happiness

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Cards used for this reading were:

  • Tarot cards with keywords and phrases by SpelledOutTarot
  • True Crime Oracle & Conspiracy Deck by AWSpiritApothecary
  • The Southern Gothic Oracle Deck with Haunts Expansion Pack By LaPanthereStudio
  • The Lovers Tarot by Jane Lyle
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