*Update Update* Kyron Horman Reading- Sauvie Island

Hey all! So I wanted to do a quick update on somethings that I discovered this past week and found interesting. So in a few of the 3 part readings, I had some strange cards. Like weird Area 51 type of stuff. Outer Space and Intergalactic Travel. If you saw the readings I did, then you know what I’m talking about. I decided to try to find out more about the case and what had happened on the day Kyron went missing. So a Google search gave me some information that the female parental figure had her cell phone ping at a place called Sauvie Island within the few hours of her dropping Kyron off at school. So I looked up Sauvie Island. Listen to me, guys. There is a damn space ship on this island. Okay, so the space ship is actually some kind of boat that had washed ashore to a beach called Collins Beach. Collins Beach is a clothing optional 1 mile stretch of sand beach on Sauvie Island. Across the river from the beach is Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, according to what one site said. I have never been there so I don’t know the topography. But, obviously, once I saw this UFO boat I looked for more information and for more photos of the beach. I found a copy of the newspaper The Oregonian from 1973 with the saucer on the front page. Look at the front page.

These are some of the cards from the 3 readings that I thought were just strange. These were actually the most strange. But I will add more photos because this is kind of freaking me out.


The front page of The Oregonian newspaper dated January 5, 1973. The UFO photo is at the top of the paper.


If you look at the front page of the newspaper, you see a picture of the saucer. Which is represented by Intergalactic Travel. Or a way to travel. A freaking UFO! Look to the right, the very first word you will see “DEMOCRATs in Senate to support WAR cutoff”. Wtf you all! Can all of this just be coincidental? I had said in the part 2 blog that I had no idea where these cards fit. And now I’m looking at a newspaper from 1973 with a UFO and all talking about democrats, war and government stuff. Every article on the front page, other than the UFO, is about something to do with the government. From Nixon, to Social Security, to house bills, to WAR.


This is a photo of the saucer from 1973 on Collins Beach. This is not my photo, I found it on the internet. But look at the background at the mountains. I had a lot of cards that had water, mountains and wooded areas in the background. I talked about each of those in all 3 readings.


The saucer, Intergalactic Travel and Outer Space. The Intergalactic Travel card was from the part 1 reading. The Outer Space card was pulled from the part 3 reading. I don’t know, guys. This is just some kind of messed up stuff to me.


I don’t know for sure how these two porthole photo’s come in to play (there is another photo below), but I was drawn to them. The first thing I thought of was the Hotel/ Motel card. However, I didn’t see in any search a mention of a Hotel/ Motel located on Sauvie Island. But, doesn’t it seem like you’re looking through binocular’s? Like someone could literally be standing on the beach looking through binocular’s at that island. So what you are seeing out of the portholes is Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge (at least that is what I kind of gathered from a site that had some of these photo’s). It is GOVERNMENT owned land. And maybe that’s what we are actually supposed to be seeing. I did notice that there are boat launches on Sauvie Island. It wouldn’t be impossible for someone to have taken Kyron across the river to the Wildlife Refuge. I drew the VI of Swords in the part 1 reading for the accomplice. Look at the card and notice the boat moving inland with passengers, including a small child. Look at the background too. The meaning, “Moving Toward A Place Of Calm”. Kyron went missing in June, right about when the weather would start to warm up and the beach would start getting busy. So in all actuality, maybe the Wildlife Refuge would make more sense. Talk about some woo woo. And I’m sure some people will say that those aren’t very solid clues, but I’m dealing tarot cards here so, I mean, come on now. There isn’t going to be a map with a red X on it saying HERE!


Another view of Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. If it were me, I would search that area also. Directly straight across from where that UFO sits. That whole area you see from those portholes. Collins Beach and the Wildlife Refuge.


This Photo is dated 2015, so this would be 5 years after Kyron’s missing. This is not my photo. I found this on the internet. But look at the overgrowth and the moss on the saucer. Maybe this is just the time of year the photo was taken, but to me it doesn’t look like the beach was used much then? Or maybe it’s just where the saucer is located?


A more updated photo of the saucer. I’m not sure of the year, once again this is not my photo. Notice the cross and the halo?


You can’t make this stuff up. I have never been to Oregon. All these photos were found on the internet. This is just insane. Those two crosses look almost exactly the same. This is all on Collins Beach. All of it. I’m just dumbfounded.


In two readings I drew the Conch Shell that represented Kyron. Here on Collins Beach are shells. I guess anyone could say that you would find shells on a beach. But from the 54 cards in the deck, the one that was drawn to represent Kyron, was a Conch Shell. Twice. On a beach with a UFO. A beach with a wooden cross. With mountains in the background. And a wooded forest area.

If I lived near Portland or Oregon or had any way of searching this place, I would. To me there are too many coincidences to say they’re JUST coincidences. 100% that whole Collins beach area and the area directly across the river that you see from the UFO portholes would my my main targets.

I’m going to keep looking at photos of Collins Island and updating as I can. Let me know your thoughts on this place and the similarities with the cards. I’m just blown away though.


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