This is a reading for F1003. No one else is given your number for your reading. Your name is left completely private and is never shared with anyone. So how I do my readings, usually I will use several different decks. I draw the first set of cards that are from the Ryder-Waite deck. From there, I group the cards together as they make sense to me. Then I just add more cards, sometimes more tarot but always oracle cards just to help clear things up and give more information. I don’t take pic’s of every time that I draw cards from each deck because it would take forever for me to get through all of this. It would be more helpful if I could make a video and you could actually see me drawing the cards. I don’t have a camera right now, which hopefully I will get one soon.

This is your first group of cards.

The card to the very far left is XIX The Sun. This represents you. This can either represent you now, or in the near future.

The Sun card is a very positive card. Its meaning is that ‘Everything will go well. Positivity. Success. Health. Fun. Good Fortune’. The second card on the right is an oracle card and I drew the Sun again. So I really believe that you are going to have a good outcome. However, by looking at the other cards, it looks like you will have a few problems before you get there. Things get worse before they get better. That is true with everyone. But don’t loose sight that you will eventually get to The Sun.

This next set of cards are representing a person in your life. Most likely a male because we have the Knight of Cups in reverse to the left. The Knight of Cups is a male who is very suave. A romantic. In reversed though, this means “Moody. Cheating. Fleeting Feelings. Jealousy.’ Below the knight is the Ball and Chain. So I feel like these cards are representing a bad relationship. Possibly coming to an end.

The middle is The Copperhead which represents Deception and Bad Influences. Below that is the Ten of Swords. The Ten of Swords is a very ‘painful yet inevitable ending’. So this can mean a relationship is ending, it could be your job, or could be a broken contract. But, since the Knight is there, I feel like its a relationship. The top right is the 7 of Swords which indicates ‘betrayal, deception and trickery’. Once again, this could be a relationship or it could be a work situation. And finally we have Death in reversed. Death in reversed is ‘Resistance to change. Repeating bad choices. Fear of change’.

I did notice that you have quite a few Wands cards in your reading. Wands represent movement. So when there are quite a few in a reading then it means that you are seeking solutions to issues. This also goes along with the Death in reversed card. It’s like a call for action for something to change. It’s like saying, “either shit or get off the pot”.

I’m going to start to the left with the 7 of Wands in reverse. This card means ‘Surrender. Tired of fighting. Giving up.’ We have The Bell Witch in the middle representing ‘Scapegoating and Blame’. Under the Witch is the Knight of Wands. This means ‘Anger. Things may not go as well as expected. Restlessness.’ It also suggests that there are things beyond your control that are impacting your situation. Lastly is the Page of Wands reversed on the right. This means’ Indecisive. Bad or delayed news.’ This card is telling you that indecision can only lead to the resolve and self-confidence degenerating further. So now would be the time to make a choice.
The left is the Ace of Pentacles in reverse. This is ‘A lost opportunity. Delays. Overspending. Money Loss’. And to the right is Ten of Pentacles. ‘Unexpected change. Conflict. Loss. Debit’. So to me, both of these cards are saying to watch your spending. Be mindful of your money. Don’t overspend. Don’t buy a new car right now.
These two cards are pretty much telling you its time to get rid of what doesn’t serve you. The Axe is Division and Lessoning. So you’re dividing what is useful to you to lesson the load. This is not just material items, it’s also unloading emotion junk you no longer need. Getting rid of whatever is the negative. The Broom is telling you just exactly that too. So maybe do some kind of spiritual bath or cleansing to rid yourself of the unwanted stuff.
This next group of cards is all about looking back. Nostalgia. Remembering how things once were. However sometimes we are reminded of our past so that we can free ourselves from things that you cannot change. Its a time to let your heart heal. Remembering things are wonderful, just don’t get too caught up in wanting to relive those days. Especially if it is hindering your growth.
These cards are representing you getting some kind of Independence. Maybe becoming emotionally Independent? Financially Independent? Regardless, it looks like you will be protected.
Here I’m going to start with the Nine of Wands. So the Nine of Wands comes as a sign that even in the face of adversity, you stand tall and strong. It is resilience, courage, persistence and a test of faith. The Candlelight Spirit stands for virtue for you. Showing high moral standards. The same as the Lily. These are all just saying that by being strong and standing for what you believe in, you will overcome whatever hardships are thrown at you. It looks like you will be tested at times about your situation at hand. Stand Strong.
This next set of cards are two female influences in your life. To the left of the Mason Jar is The Empress. The Empress is usually a maternal figure. So for you I would assume this is your mother. To the left of her is the House. This is just showing you your family, your safety, where you belong. To the right of the Mason Jar is the Queen of Swords who is ‘A rational and honest person. Truthful. Realistic’. This, I would assume, is a close friend or relative. The the right of the Queen is the Dog. This is just saying that this person is a loyal friend to you. The middle is the Mason Jar offering Mentorship and Protection. These cards are just saying that these two women are who will help you overcome the situation. They will be there for you. They will give you advice and help you as needed.
So after what seems to be a few negative cards we finally get to the rainbow. The top row of cards are pretty self explanatory. The Horseshoe is always good luck. The next 3 looks like a possible start of a new relationship and also a change or manifestation in you. The bottom row to the left is the 6 of Pentacles. This is ‘Karma. Universal Balance. Rewards. Gifts. Financial Opportunity’. The next card is the 9 of Cups. This Card is probably the best card to get in a reading. This card means ‘Your desires will come true. Happiness. Success. Pleasure. Manifesting’. And beside that, The Page of Cups, meaning ‘New ideas or information. Romance. Creativity. Insight’. And then right after you have the Loons which right in the middle say ‘ Manifest deepest desire’.
This set of cards is telling you what you need to start doing to care for yourself. This will also help you get to your place as The Sun. Maybe try some meditation or centering. But doing some kind of self-care rituals. You need to not forget about yourself.

So I hope you liked your reading. Please let me know how I did and if any of this is ringing true to you. Keep in mind that your reading only has a number and never a name. Your name is never shared and is completely private.

With that, stay safe, stay happy and meditate. Actually, I’ll just see you tomorrow.

  • The cards used for this reading were:
  • Trick or Treat Tarot by Barbara Moore
  • The Disney Villians Tarot Deck
  • The Southern Gothic Oracle
  • The iN2iT Oracle 2nd edition

*For Entertainment Purposes Only

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