This is a reading for M1005. No one else is given your number for your reading. Your name is left completely private and is never shared with anyone. So how I do my readings, usually I will use several different decks. I draw the first set of cards that are from the Ryder-Waite deck. From there, I group the cards together as they make sense to me. Then I just add more cards, sometimes more tarot but always oracle cards just to help clear things up and give more information. I don’t take pic’s of every time that I draw cards from each deck because it would take forever for me to get through all of this. It would be more helpful if I could make a video and you could actually see me drawing the cards. I don’t have a camera right now, which hopefully I will get one soon.

These are your first cards:

So the first card we will discuss is the O The Fool in reversed. This is the one to the far left that is oversize. This is the card that is representing you. The Fool in reversed is about being careless. Taking risks and taking advantage of others and irresponsibility. Its also suggesting that there are health and medical problems. It is advising that you need to start taking a move active part in your own health. This could just mean that by making a few small changes could have a huge impact of how you feel.

Okay, listen. I don’t really need to go through every card with this. Every single one of these cards is negative. This is someone who is dealing with some serious depression. You are isolating, pushing people away. This is a feeling of being trapped in your situation. Lashing out. The Hermit reversed with the V of Pentacles reversed is suggesting isolation, but losing your connection with others. All of these cards are also going back to The Fool card. It seems that there are some medical issues, but due to maybe not feeling well or being frustrated with your health, you are lashing out at everyone around you. Creating negativity and drama.

So the first thing you will notice with this next group is the XIII Death. Firstly, Death does not necessarily mean a physical death. It just means an ending, a change. A transformation. Lets put this with the VIII of Swords and it literally means that you are willing to sever ties with the past and make a new beginning. We just went from quite a few negative cards to some very positive ones. Every single one of these cards is telling you that now is time for change. It’s time to seek help. This could mean seeing a counselor, choosing to take a medication, seeking out a new treatment. Maybe an alternative type of treatment. It could also be as easy as just changing your outlook. But this is the time to realize that carrying around the negativity and lashing out is causing more problems with your health and relationships than what your medical issues are. Moving on to a positive state of mind will help not just your mental health but also your physical health.
So now lets get to some outside influences. We have the Queen of Cups reversed. The Queen in reversed can indicate the abuse of alcohol or substances. This can also represent a co-dependency relationship. However, it can also represent your moody behavior, being manipulative. It is you making life difficult for others to the point where you are becoming emotionally draining. We have two Knights cards. Knights are usually representing younger males. The Knight of Cups is a more sensitive male where the Knight of Wands is a more energetic male. These two are your cheer leaders. They are who is helping you daily to push forward regardless if they realize it or not.
Here we a have the Queen of Swords. Queens are motherly figures. The Queen of Swords is a woman who is very straight forward. A no nonsense type of woman. She comes a cross as stern but actually have a huge heart. These cards are showing home. Your support system or your ROOTS. These are where your memories are. This is where your loyalty is. This is just reminding you of the support system that you have.
These are your self care cards. The IV of Cups is saying that this is the end of a depression but you have to put the time and work into getting better. It’s a reminder to reflect and take the time that you need to heal. This is showing a very positive outcome. But the choice is up to you if you want this outcome or to continue to self destruct.
The last two cards. Reminding you to have faith and receive your second chances.

I hope you enjoyed your reading. Let me know how I did and if any of this resonates with you. Keep in mind that your reading only has a number and never a name. Your name is never shared and is completely private.

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The cards used for this reading were:

  • The Southern Gothic Oracle
  • The iN2iT Oracle 2nd edition
  • SpelledOutTarot
  • The Lovers Tarot by Jane Lyle

*For Entertainment Purposes Only

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