Kyron Horman Reading part 4: The Gardener Did It?

Okay so here we go down the rabbit hole. And really, you all, I didn’t expect to be here still doing this. If you read my 3 part readings already on the Kyron Horman case, then most of this will make sense. If not, stop here now and go start from the beginning. It will make much more sense later. After the 3 part readings, I also did an update on the location cards from the readings, which was actually kind of freaky? I guess you could say that. So as I continued to look for more information on the case and on Sauvie Island, it became just like going down a rabbit hole. Then I started questioning my 3 part readings. Maybe I read the cards wrong. Maybe the female parental figure wasn’t responsible after all. It seems like there could be a sighting of Kyron at the school after 9:00am and that he left with a male, not with the female parent. The link is at the bottom of the page and here is a pic:

So what is strange is that the teacher mentioned, Ms Matthews, was not Kyron’s teacher. His teacher was Ms Porter who thought that Kyron had a doctor appointment that day. Ms Matthews is the one who alledgedly allowed Kyron to leave (and listen, this is no fault of the teacher. do not start some online bullying. leave these women alone). So that explains the confusion about the Dr appointment. But did Kyron go willingly with someone because he knew who the man was? Could it be the family’s gardener who Kyron knew not only from home since he was their gardener but also from school since his company did work for the school too?

There is a rumor that the female parental figure tried to hire her gardener as a hitman to murder her husband, Kyron’s father. The rumor is also that she may have been having an affair with him. I did say in my prior readings that she was a narcissist and used sex as a tool to get what she wanted. This would confirm that for me. However, was the gardener actually just a scorned lover? There is no other evidence (that I could find) that the gardener was hired as a hitman. None. It seems to be that it was just a “he said, she said”. He was wired by LE to try to get the female parental to confess or to speak about it, but she ended up calling LE on him for harassment. There is no solid evidence that she attempted to hire him. So that is all hearsay. She has never been charged. But if he was scorned enough to make up a false allegation as a murder for hire, could he have then done something to Kyron? Also, the Gardener drives a white truck. The Parental drives a white truck. The schools groundskeeper who was also there the day Kyron went missing drives a white truck. So as LE keeps asking people if they had seen a white truck at the school, I’m sure there were plenty to be seen. There was mention that the Parental had washed Kyron’s backpack and jacket the very day he went missing. However, according to reports from the school, his backpack and jacket were still at his desk. So if this being a Friday and him going to doctor appointment, wouldn’t he have taken his backpack and jacket with him? And how did the Parental end up with the backpack by the end of the day? Wouldn’t LE have wanted it? Was he expected to return to school after the doctor? Or, as was reported, did he walk out with a man to help get a few things from a truck? So many questions!

The Gardener in question Rodolfo Sanchez-Estrada

So what would his motive be? Well, I’m glad you asked. There is a timeline of events between the Gardner and the Parental Figure. *ALLEDGEDLY* So please keep in mind that NO ONE has been charged with any crime. Do not attack people online or otherwise, including me. I am reading tarot cards, giving my opinion and reading other peoples opinions online. The tarot cards could be wrong, I could be wrong and everyone else could also be wrong, including you.

*05/09/10-Mother’s Day~ Parental and Gardener have confrontation in an attempt of the Parental to either break things off with the Gardener or to fire him. LE is called. The Parental claims that he lunged at her while she had her daughter in her arms. Eventually the Gardener is confronted by LE in front of his wife and children about the incident. The female Parental also speaks to her mother informing her that the Gardener was angry that LE was called because he is an illegal in the country.
*06/04/10- Kyron Horman goes missing. This would be only 17 days after the confrontation.
*06/26/10- The Gardener is involved with LE in a sting on the Parental about the murder for hire. In return being promised immunity and being allowed to remain in the country. This is also when Kyron’s father is notified and moves out with the younger daughter, files for divorce, etc. *07/02/2010- Female Parental begins sexting with husbands friend and former classmate.

So of course, after all of this discovery, you all know that I went straight to the cards. And lawdy lawdy lawdy do we have things to talk about. Now, you might ask why do I feel like the Gardener would be involved. Well, I’m glad you asked. In the previous 3 readings, I saw that the Parental Figure had some sort of a romantic relationship with a male and was using this male in a manipulative way. The Gardener would make sense considering the other man that she was sexting didn’t occur until after Kyron went missing. However, now that I am finding more information on his character (the Gardener), I am wondering if I may have placed more blame on the female Parental than deserved. Maybe the involvement she had was more unintentional in way of just opening the door and letting the devil in?

So with this reading I pretty much did the whole focus of reading on the Gardener. Like I do with all of the readings, I will start with drawing from the Rider-Waite deck first and then add more cards to make more sense of things. I will not post pics each time I draw from each deck due length of the post.

So the first card we will start with will be the oversized card all the way to the left. This II The High Priestess in reverse. This is a person who is no longer listening to their inner guidance. This is a sign of some mental blockage. This a person with a hidden agenda, secrets, doubts, incorrect judgement and emotional imbalance.

Listen, I’m just going to say right now that if this parental figure had an accomplice, then this is the person. However, I am starting to believe that she had less involvement than what has previously been thought. Maybe, while they were having the affair, she had made statements to him and when she broke it off, he took it like, to the next level. Maybe he thought that by doing these things then she would want him back. She would see his loyalty to her? Maybe he was angry because she called LE and he was illegal? I don’t know, guys. But when I was reading the cards before I was putting a lot of the negativity and blame on her. Now, I just feel that it should have been more on him. I said before that I feel like Kyron had been drugged or given something to drink. I still feel that way. But I am just starting to think that he was the perpetrator than just the mere clean up guy who “disposed” of Kyron. This guy had a lot more involvement. And don’t get me wrong, the Parental had her hand in it all. Maybe you could say that she was the on who planted the seed. But I feel like this guy was obsessed with her. She manipulated him. He took revenge. And I do believe that she knows what happened to Kyron and if she doesn’t know exactly the details then she has a “good hunch” or has some good intuition about what occurred. However, I don’t think that she will come forward because this will somehow implicate her. I just really feel like I dropped the ball on this though. Like why did I second guess myself in the previous readings? Because even then instead of following my feelings I just thought, “well that doesn’t make sense so that can’t be it”. Now though, now that I’m finding all of this information, how I felt then makes more sense to me now. I mean, how many times did I draw a FIRED card? And to me I was like, “oh, this just means she can’t find employment now…blah blah”. Hell no, that means that she actually FIRED him! And I guess this is all about the learning process for me too. I’m not afraid to admit when I am wrong. I’m also not afraid to apologize if needed.

All of these cards are just bad news. This is all criminal behavior. And this is shocking because these are the cards that should have been drawn for the Parental if she was the one who harmed Kyron. So I think what I will do for this is just list the cards and explain them. And yes, I am still learning the cards, so for a true crime case the meanings can mean something different. Which maybe is what tripped me up before?
  1. XVI The Tower- The Tower is an end. Turmoil. Collapse. Destruction. It is sudden and it indicates a signifigate change is about to occur.
  2.  The Ace of Wands reversed represents delays, setbacks and disappointing news. It indicates trials and tribulations that you will face in the near future. 
  3. The X of Pentacles reversed may represent insecurity, rocky foundations and instability. This can be a warning for dishonesty and possible cheating.
  4. VI of Pentacles reversed beware of people in your workplace that can seem helpful and generous, but may have hidden agendas. Someone may abuse their position of power, or offer you help. But these create the circumstances for feeling that you ‘owe’ them later on.
  5. Knight of Swords does not hesitate but charges straight for his opponent….he can definitely cause a lot of damage and terror in his wake. He has a strong intelligence and his ideas are original which he deems worth pursuing…but without balance and reason, he’ll knock down anyone in his way in his pursuit of them. He can be violent and act totally from instinct
  6. VII of Swords. This is the card of theft or “someone getting away with something.” It’s sneaky and probably the card most associated with any sort of criminal activity. When it shows up, someone is up to no good!
  7. VIII Strength in a true crime reading is aggressiveness and cruelty for no reason, the destruction of everything. Superiority used to harm or permissiveness. Crime, crossing the line of morality or illegality. Impunity or, on the contrary, suppression of oneself.
  8. X of Swords. The Ten of Swords could mean physical violence, assault, intention to cause harm or betrayal.
  9. II of Pentacles acting thoughtlessly, immaturely, and erratically.
  10. King of Cups reversed means deception, betrayal, and perverse sexual behavior. In the worst case, the card warns of rape and violence.

All that was a lot. A whole lot.

This group of cards are representing Kyron. And If you have read my other readings, you will notice a lot of the same cards here. The Axe card should have been placed with the group of cards below with the Gardener and Parental relationship, it represents their “breakup”. However, I just misplaced it with this group. The Page of Cups is Kyron being a kid, doing his thing, he’s also holding a cup and as I said in other readings, I feel like he was given something to drink or was drugged in some way. The Conch Shell and the Cowrie Shells are cards we have had before. This is why I feel like Kyron is near a beach. The Wild Violet is also telling me that he is in a forest area and he is covered with the violets. The Cicada and the Blessed Child are telling me that he has passed. And I have said that before. The Weird Science card is to me representing the science fair the day he went missing from school. And the VI of Swords is showing me the movement of someone taking him. Its also on the water so this could mean a boat.
This group of cards are showing the relationship between the Gardener and the Parental. So to the left we have the High Priestess-r, The Tower, Revenge (because I feel like he took revenge), Secret Weapon (not really sure what type of Secret Weapon this means) it could mean using his emotions a weapon or it could very well be a physical weapon, and the Knight of Cups. The Knight of Cups is a romantic, he’s suave, he’s coming in on his white horse like a prince. I feel like this is how he initially presented himself to the Parental. This would be the beginning of the affair. Along the middle of the two, we have Dating and Coverup. Now, I do feel like the both of them are involved with the coverup which is why I placed it between them. The coverup with her could just also be her keeping quiet. Move to the right and we have her representing cards. The Copperhead (didn’t realize that I had that upside down) is a card that I have drawn several times with her and I feel like it represents her completely. There Is the Reptile card that I feel goes along with the Copperhead. And the Conjured Spirit which stands for drama and negativity.
These are all telling me that there will be a renewal in the case and that it will be solved. These are a lot of communication cards, working together, someone coming forward or finding something. But, yes, I do believe that something is going to happen that will get the case solved.
Once again you guys, some of the cards are the same or similar to cards I had before. Some of these are self care cards but these are also intuitive cards and I had intuitive cards in ALL of the readings. Self awareness, clarity, shadow work, awakening, God, home. I don’t know, you can all choose for yourself how you feel this would fit in. I’ve said before that I feel like some one knows something, or has a “hunch” about something. That they will come forward and things will start to get moving along with solving the case. I hope this is the way it happens. Kyron has been missing for way too long and needs to be brought home.
These would be location cards. I still do believe that he is near a beach, in a wooded area. I know in the update reading prior that I had said Sauvie Island. I still think that Sauvie Island is still where I would look. Specifically the Collins Beach area around where that weird UFO thing is.
I have no clue what these cards mean. I will just leave them here until they make sense one day.

So here is where I wrap up all of my readings with this case. I think after 4 readings and an updated possible location, it is time to release it and let it go. Please remember that no one has been arrested in this case and therefore no one has been found guilty. This is still an open investigation. If you have a tip, you can contact (503) 261-2847. If you want to donate to the Kyron Horman Foundation you can contact


Sherriff Dan Staton quote October 7, 2010


Kyron Horman age 7 and age progressed photo

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Cards used for this reading were:

  • Tarot cards with keywords and phrases by SpelledOutTarot
  • True Crime Oracle & Conspiracy Deck by AWSpiritApothecary
  • The Southern Gothic Oracle Deck with Haunts Expansion Pack By LaPanthereStudio
  • The Lovers Tarot by Jane Lyle

*Allegedly *For Entertainment Purposes Only *Please do your own research *

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