Here we are again, my friends, with another missing child reading. Four year old Kurt Newton was last seen at Natanis Point Campground in Maine of August 31, 1975 on his tricycle. He was following after his father who was in a truck on his way to gather firewood for their camp site. Kurt chased after his father riding his tricycle past a twelve year old girl who asked if his parents knew where he was. Kurt’s tricycle was later found but Kurt has never been seen again. There was an extensive search in the woods and the pond for little Kurt but not even an article of clothing had turned up. This became the largest and most extensive search ever in the history of Maine. Kurt’s parents searched for years for their son and even sent a flyer to every superintendent of every school district in the United States to no avail. They still hold hope that one day Kurt will find his way home. I’ve added a link to the bottom of the page for more reading and information about the day and the search on Kurt’s disappearance.

So with that, lets dive into the disappearance of Kurt Newton.

Here is our first set of cards. These tell of the situation at the time of Kurt’s disappearance. All the way to the left we have the Page of Cups. This card would represent Kurt. I will add more cards as we move along. Due to length of blog, I won’t take pics each time I add cards but rather group them as I see according to people or the situation.
So here is Kurt as the page of cups. Pages usually represent a younger person. With this Page being reversed, it shows someone who is immature or who has emotional troubles. Kurt was 4 when he went missing so this would defiantly coincide with small child lost. The rest of the cards are Oracle cards. The top left we have the Firefly. To me this is just showing Kurt, a little boy at the beginning of his life journey. The next 2 cards moving to the right are Child. This is showing his young age again. Move directly below those two cards and we have Home and Neighborhood. So Kurt went missing at the campground. He wandered from the family campsite, which would be Home, and was riding his tricycle around the campgrounds which would be the Neighborhood. This is just showing his familiarity with the area as a Home and also where he vanished from, the Neighborhood.
So I’ve added more cards to Kurt’s card group. These cards are showing me that Kurt has passed. I’ll start at the top row to the left and work right. The first 3 of those cards are the 2 Child cards and the Firefly. We already discussed these so lets move to The Salamander. The Salamander means Infinity and Reinvention. That is usually my first clue that Kurt has passed. The background of the card shows leaves and sticks. That also says to me, along with the next card Wild Violet, that he is in a wooded area. The Dismemberment card is across the Wild Violets. This is just saying to me that is is very doubtful that he would be found. He was missing from a campground in Maine, and I hate to say that animals and nature can do a lot, but I feel in this case that’s what happened. The next row we start with the Page of Cups. To the right of the Page is Death. Death means that change is coming and this to me is confirmation of Kurt’s passing. To the right of that we have Accident, the Scythe and Tornado. All 3 of these cards are showing that something happened suddenly and accidentally. This was a quick passing for Kurt. The last 2 cards are again Home and Neighborhood the area or place where Kurt went missing.
These cards represent Kurt’s parents. At the top row is the Queen of Wands. This would be Kurt’s mother. The Queen of Wands is a leader. She influences everyone with her courage and determination. She is an inspiration to others. Beside the Queen is the Hermit is reversed. This represents Kurt’s father. This card is suggesting that he is spending too much time reflecting. This can mean excessive isolation, shutting out friends and family. It makes me feel like he blames himself for Kurt’s disappearance. To the right of the Hermit is the Church and this is representing belief systems, family values, marriage. This is showing the unity and loyalty of the family. Next row we start with the 3 of Swords. This card shows the difficult times and the pain that the family is going through. Beside that is The Crow showing dashed hopes and The Dog showing loyalty. I feel like this family was so loyal to Kurt in all of their efforts throughout the years in finding him. All of the time and money spent showing that they were going to do everything possible to try to find him. The last card for this group is the 5 of Cups in reversed. Once again, I feel like this is for the father. This card is showing recovery and acceptance of the past. This card could represent the whole family, but it does seem like the father is holding a lot of the guilt and regret. This card is just saying it’s time to live in the here and now and let go of the past. It’s time to release the bittersweet memories. Not forget about Kurt altogether. But to remember the good times with him.
Here we are now, my friends to some mysterious female who somehow crossed paths with little Kurt Newton. Once again, we will start at the top row left and work our way over. The first card is Female. Obviously. Beside that is the 7 of Cups. The 7 of Cups in a true crime reading shows someone who is under the influence, whether it is alcohol or drugs. This is someone who wasn’t thinking clearly at the time. My feeling is that she was drunk or had been drinking. Beside the 7 of Cups is the 7 of Swords. This is a sneaky card. This is a card of someone getting away with something. This is a card of deception or betrayal. And beside that is the 9 of Pentacles in reversed. This is showing that our Female is experiencing some financial set backs. If you look at the other cards there is a Fired card. This suggests to me that she may have recently lost her job, been fired from her job, is unemployed at the time. and experiencing money problems. Next is the Wolverine showing someone who is unpredictable, wild, fearless. To me all of this shows that this female was completely not thinking straight. It seems like she had a lot of issues going on at the time, maybe she decided to drown her sorrows in the bottom of a bottle. The next line with the first card is the Accident. This is the same card as with Kurt. I feel like she was responsible somehow with Kurt’s disappearance. To me, I feel like she was drunk and hit Kurt with her car. I don’t know if maybe Kurt made his way to the access highway and she, being drunk and inebriated, hit him. That’s my feeling. I feel like she got scared, put him into the car and took him elsewhere where she eventually disposed of him at a entirely different location. The 4 of Wands reversed is next and shows the break up of a relationship. It also shows someone who is not looking for a long term relationship. All of this is confirmed for me with the next card Affair. So to me it looks like this Female found herself in an affair that recently ended, lost her job, and quite possibly killed a small boy. The next 2 cards are Drama and Fired. Drama is all of everything that I already covered and Fired we already discussed also. We move on to the bottom row. The next 3 cards we can discuss together. Trapped is our first card and the next 2 are about Suicide. I feel like our Female had a lot of negative things happen to her in a short period of time. Maybe she did feel Trapped in her life. That she had no way out and then decided to end it herself. Maybe with her crossing paths with Kurt was the ”last straw” and put her into a very deep depression. The last 2 cards are Letter and Key. These cards I find the most interesting. It makes me wonder if the left a suicide letter. If that is the case then that is the Key to the answers of Kurt. That is what needs to be looked into. The Key card even says “Helpful, Important, Pay Attention”. This girl just seems like she had one mental breakdown and didn’t know how to deal with it all.
These cards to me are our mystery Female’s affair lover guy man. To me it seems like he was a bit older than her. Perhaps not necessarily a Grandparent, but older and more mature. The Mason Jar is mentorship. This could be how he started off as to her. To Mentor her, possibly at work. The Boo Hag is fear tactics and discipline. This seems to be when this affair took a turn. I feel like she was getting to involved and possibly was going to tell his wife. This is when he broke up with her and possibly threatened her. He could also be the reason she was Fired from her job. The Grandparent card is showing his age and maturity. The bottom row begins with the Magician in reversed. This guy is a charmer but he is using it to manipulate. This is a person who is out for personal gain and greed. Beside the Magician is Strength in reversed showing someone in the jaws of ego and bitten by desire. And next is the Lion right beside Strength showing authority. The Peacock is vanity and pride. This guy just seems like a very manipulative man who is out for money and won’t let anyone stand in his way. I don’t necessarily feel like he himself had anything to do with Kurt’s disappearance. I just feel like the cards are showing the Female’s mindset during the accident.
These are more cards of our lover affair guy and these are all showing how greedy this guy is. I don’t think it was too long after her suicide that he moved on, if he even cared at all. This is just one self absorbed greedy money grabbing guy. We will start with the Magician again. The right is the Peacock with his vanity and pride. And even further right is the Black Eyed Peas with wealth and prosperity. This guy was all about the money and his image. Next row starting with Greed. Need I say more? Next to that Ace of Pentacles. This represent wealth, prosperity, new opportunities. The 9 of Wands is next and suggests that there is some tension at work where he may feel like he has to defend himself. This tells me that our Female was definitely a coworker of his. Her mentor at work. And for some reason it makes me wonder if he was an attorney and she was possibly his secretary? I don’t know why I feel that way, but with the Magician in reverse he comes across as a crooked attorney type. Or like a used car salesman type. Their both the same basically. The Celebrity card makes me feel like he was possibly a local celebrity. Maybe he had a well known case, that would go back to attorney. It just seem like people knew who he was. He had money, and authority. The last 2 cards are the Sun and the Grasshopper. The Sun is again, power, pride and success. The Grasshopper is prosperity and the attitude of “so what”. I feel like that was is attitude with her. Kind of like, “she was fired and she committed suicide. i had nothing to do with it. she was crazy”. The guy is a greedy jerk.
These last cards do hold some hope. I feel like if given a new look or perspective, there could be some closure. I don’t feel like Kurt will be necessarily found. But, if the case were to be looked at again, maybe new leads followed or looked into, then the answers to what actually happened could be definitely be brought to light. I don’t feel like Kurt just walked into the woods and got lost. I read that when his mother realized that Kurt was missing her first thought was that someone had taken him. I agree. A mother’s instinct is never wrong.
Kurt Newton age 4

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Jill Newton holding a missing poster of her son Kurt

If you have any information about the disappearance of Kurt Newton, you can contact the Maine State Police at 207-289-2155 or the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children at 1-800-THE LOST

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The cards used for this reading were:

  • Tarot of Oppositions
  • True Crime Oracle & Conspiracy Deck by AWSpiritApothecary
  • The Southern Gothic Oracle Deck with Haunts Expansion Pack By LaPanthereStudio
  • in2it Oracle

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