This is a reading for M1007. No one else is given your number for your reading. Your name is left completely private and is never shared with anyone. So how I do my readings, usually I will use several different decks. I draw the first set of cards that are from the Ryder-Waite deck. From there, I group the cards together as they make sense to me. Then I just add more cards, sometimes more tarot but always oracle cards just to help clear things up and give more information. I don’t take pic’s of every time that I draw cards from each deck because it would take forever for me to get through all of this and due to the length of the blog.

These are your first cards:

Super excited to use these new decks of cards. These are an early Christmas gift to myself. This Rider-Waite deck has renamed the suits to Materials (Pentacles), Inspiration (Wands), Emotions (Cups) and finally Voices (Swords). Most of these may not make sense to you right now but once I start grouping them, then everything will pull together. I read the cards as I see them. I don’t sugar coat things. The cards will tell you what they want you to know.
This is the first set of cards we will start with. All the way to the left is the Ace of Materials in reversed. This card is saying that there is a lost opportunity. Some instability and advising you to be careful with your spending. Moving to the bottom working right, next is the Knight of Voices in reversed. This again is a lost opportunity, a missed chance. You are experiencing self doubt. Beside that to the right is the Knight of Inspiration in reversed. This is representing anger, recklessness and suggesting that things may not go as well as expected. Above that to the far left is the Knight of Pentacles in reversed. This means that you have a poor work ethic. You’re expecting rewards without actually putting in the work. All of these cards are the same. A missed opportunity, a missed chance, and you’re expexting to be rewarded without necessarily deserving it. The last card is an oracle card. Right in the middle of everything is the Sad Embrace. This card is telling you that you are entering a period of loss. You may be seeing that lost opportunity or a relationship may be coming to an end. You may feel disappointment or sadness. However, with any loss comes growth. With all of these warning cards, know that this period will not last. These cards are suggesting things will get worse before they get better. But just know, that everything will get better. You need to trust the universe.
With this next group of cards I am starting at the bottom row first with the Queen of Emotions in reversed. Queen cards are representing a female in your life. With this card this Queen is being very emotional. Moody. Her emotions are making her irrational and this card could possibly be an indicator of being unfaithful. To the right is the 5 of Emotions showing conflict and disagreements. This could be conflict in your relationship or maybe even at work. Now we are moving to the top row and starting with Rescue in reversed. This card is telling you that you need to stop romanticizing your situation. You need to look at things for the way they actually are, rather than how you are wanting it to be. You can not change other people. So you need to Rescue yourself and change your own self to be able to heal. Our next card is Spirit of Place in reversed. This card again is telling you to step back and look at what actually is. You need to trust your own intuition and be honest with yourself.
Starting with the 9 of Voices this card is fear, self doubt, anxiety. You are allowing your mind and thoughts to keep you up at night. You are over thinking too much and loosing sleep instead of trusting that things will all work out. Metamorphosis is telling you to let it go. This is a process of change kind of like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. You need to let go of fear, self doubt, anger, whatever is holding you back or keeping you up late at night. Trust the universe.
Again with this grouping I am going to start with the tarot cards first before we get to the oracle cards. So the card sticking out at the top is the Hermit. The Hermit is suggesting that you are entering a time of soul searching. You want to seek the truth and move your life to a new direction. The Hermit also suggests that you may want to be alone. This may be a way for you for figure out who you are and how you want your future to be. This is you seeking wisdom and making a change for the better. Under the Hermit is the Star. And again this is a card of healing and renewal. This is a positive outlook and its just hope and contentment for you. Move all the way to the left for your first oracle card in this group Into The Unknown in reversed. This card is telling you to keep an open mind in your journey. Don’t get cocky or overconfident. This is a time for you to learn and to keep an open mind. All the way to the right is Solitude. This card kind of goes with the Hermit. Its just saying to take time for yourself. Self reflection, meditation and step back and actually focus on your life.
Lets start at the bottom row with the first card Temperance. Temperance is about finding balance in your life. Its a calm, peace, harmony that you will achieve for yourself. Beside is the Bone Collector in reversed. This is a warning card telling you that the past has a way of repeating itself. You will repeat the past if you do not make a conscience decision to heal and change. Heal from the past so that you can move to the future. Back to the top row. Heal the Ouch in reversed. You need to make amends with the people you have hurt in the past. Its that simple. Apologize. Take accountability for your actions. Cleaning House is telling you to get rid of the junk. Thoughts, memories, emotional baggage need to swept away. Now is the time to unload everything that is not working for you. Magic Prayer in reversed is telling you that your way is not the only way. It is also telling you to self reflect. Its is telling you to meditate and TRUST THE UNIVERSE!
Moonlight in reversed is still suggesting that you are over analyzing things. Stop doing this. Your just exhausting yourself. Move on already. The Ace of Inspiration is the start of something new. It’s good news and change. Inspiration. The bottom row is the Page of Emotions. Again this is new ideas, creativity and possibly a new romance. Good news! The next card is Come Together and this card does mean love has come calling. This is a possible love interest. Harmony and a caring partnership.
First off before I start with this last group of these cards, I’m going to begin with Making a Choice in reversed. This card should have been placed above, but I put it here without realizing. So this card means its time for you to Make A Choice. Its time to take responsibility for your life. You have to decide what path you want to take. You can continue on the path you’re on. Or you can do the work to change for the better. Its up to you. But your path isn’t going to be easy. You have to to put in the work to achieve your dreams.

Move back over to the left to Follow the Leader. If you put the work into your life, you will be rewarded. This is saying that by being fully authentic, you will be able to lead others by example. Your authenticity and honesty are an example to those around you. Move to the left, and the 10 of Materials is again saying that all of your hard work will be rewarded. The second row, the 9 of Materials is a period of prosperity and freedom. Wide Open is a signal that you’re able to truly manifest your dreams and that your goals are in sight. The last card is the 4 of Inspiration. This card is representing family, harmony and prosperity.

So these next 5 cards are going to tell you like it is. The front of the card tells you the query and the back is the meaning.

So I hope you enjoyed your reading. Leave a comment or let me know if any of this resonates with you. Other than that, put your work in to your path to be your genuine self and you will be rewarded.

~Peace out~

The cards used for this reading were:

  • The Muse Tarot
  • The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards
  • Rebel Deck The Oracle With Attitude

*For Entertainment Purposes Only

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